Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mary Voelz Chandler's Analysis

Rocky Mountain News columnist Mary Voelz Chandler has been following the Civic Center Park process from the beginning. For incisive analysis about the potential problems the current process may present, take a moment to peruse this series of columns.

September 1: Civic Center plan crowded with details

"Then, there is the reaction. Considering all the speculation and concern in the community over what was really going on in the conservancy's planning process, the response was, well, somewhat quiet. Perhaps there was such relief that it wasn't even more dramatic, that some people weren't sure how to respond. After all, everyone was looking for that elusive 'wow' factor, and I didn't hear any wows."

July 22: Civic Center's creative storm building
June 10: Civic Center plans deserve community input
May 20: A forum for big ideas

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