Friday, June 29, 2007

Civic Center Stakeholders Meeting July 11, 10 AM

As many of you have learned in presentations from the Colorado Historical Society or in media reports, the Colorado History Museum is exploring relocation options stemming from the State’s need to expand its judicial facility that currently shares the block with the Colorado History Museum, as well as ongoing programmatic studies dating back to 1998, in which the Colorado Historical Society has been reviewing their existing and future programmatic and site requirements.

The State of Colorado and the Colorado Historical Society have identified and evaluated eight potential sites for a new Colorado History Museum, and one of the options involves Denver’s Civic Center Park.

The City of Denver and the State of Colorado want to get stakeholder feedback on the desirability of this collaborative opportunity and solicit input on potential issues and opportunities including the organization of additional public processes.

Denver Parks and Recreation, the Civic Center Conservancy,

the Colorado Historical Society and the Colorado Judicial Department

Invite You and Members of Your Organization

to a

Civic Center Park Stakeholders Meeting

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

10 a.m. – 12 noon

Colorado History Museum Auditorium, 1300 Broadway

RSVP to Helen Kuykendall at or 720-913-0630

The Colorado Historical Society and its representatives will detail their processes to date, provide an overview of the various locations under consideration, and describe the Civic Center opportunity and their conceptual programmatic ideas for a new Museum.

The City of Denver and the Civic Center Conservancy are eager for your feedback as to how this potential opportunity relates to the community’s goals of restoration and activation of Civic Center Park.

City and State officials will be prepared to answer questions relating to the Civic Center Master Plan, public and legislative processes, financing, logistics, etc.

We look forward to your feedback on this idea and what issues and opportunities should be considered. All parties are committed to a public process which your input will help shape.


Anonymous said...

CHUN is hosting a meeting regarding the plans to relocate the History Museum in Civic Center on Septemer 17, 6pm at the History Musem.

Proposed Changes at Civic Center Park…Again
Last year around this time we were presented with the Daniel Libeskind proposal for Civic Center Park, an audacious plan that many felt was inconsistent with the latest Civic Center Park Master Plan, and incompatible with the Park’s original design. While it did surface some unique ideas to link the arts district with downtown, public opinion, once included in the discussion, overwhelmingly steered the city away from those concepts.

This summer we’ve learned of another proposal in the works which would move the State History Museum from its current location at 13th and Broadway to the interior of Civic Center Park, constructing a building in the southwest quadrant of the Park – a sort of bookend structure to the McNichols Building at the northwest corner. At a morning pubic meeting in July, this proposal was introduced by a team including the Mayor, representatives from Parks and Recreation, the CEO of the State Historic Society and a representative from Trammell-Crow, a local developer. While other sites for the History Museum are still under consideration, there appears to be an undeniable gravitational pull towards Civic Center.

At the urging of CHUN and other neighborhood groups such as the Golden Triangle Arts and Museum District, the City has set up a series of public meetings to review the current proposal and provide feedback. Your input is critical as these changes affect the vision, design and use of Civic Center going forward. Here at CHUN, it’s our belief that a place called Civic Center is not just a public park, but an expression of the vision and desire of the diverse people in our community we hope to gather there. In order for that to happen, there has to be an open “civic” public process. Please take note of the public meetings coming up over the next several weeks and take advantage of your civic opportunity to weigh in on Civic Center Park. CHUN is co-sponsoring a meeting on September 17 at 6pm.

The remaining meeting dates and times regarding changes to Civic Center Park:

Monday, September 17, 2007
6:00 – 7:30pm

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