Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Information on the Mayor's Infrastructure Priorities Task Force

the Mayor’s Infrastructure Priorities Task Force is a 110-member citizen group appointed to look generally at ways to finance Denver’s infrastructure needs over time. The Task Force comprises 7 program subcommittees (looking at infrastructure project needs) and a finance subcommittee (looking at finance mechanisms). Each of the 7 program subcommittees will make recommendations to an Executive Committee about funding for particular projects. The Executive Committee will then deliberate and make final decisions on funding. It is possible, even likely, that a bond issue or bond issues will be included in the comprehensive financial recommendation that the Task Force will present to the Mayor at the conclusion of its work. Nevertheless, at this time, no decisions have been made as to the timing, size or content of any bond issue, so your mention of a “May 2007 bond issue” is inaccurate. Additionally, you should know that while it is true that certain historical improvements to the Civic Center Park infrastructure have been presented to one of the program subcommittees as a potential project for financing, it is only one of many projects that have been presented to that subcommittee. The subcommittee in fact is still hearing presentations about potential projects. Not only has that subcommittee not made a recommendation for or against any projects, the members have not even begun their deliberations about the projects presented to them. Once that has happened, projects will have to go through the Executive Committee. Consequently, your statement that the Task Force has “recommended funding” with respect to Civic Center is also inaccurate. Please correct these inaccuracies with your distribution list in order to reduce the amount of misinformation that is circulating about the Infrastructure Priorities Task Force and its work. Thank you. Diane S. BarrettProject Manager, IPTFMayor’s OfficeCity and County of Denver720-865-8780

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